Envisioning a new digital writing/rhetoric community web space


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Sweetland is going to the WIDE-EMU’11 (un)conference on Saturday, October 15, 2011 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  As organizers Steve Krause (EMU), Derek Mueller (EMU), and Bill Hart-Davidson (MSU) wrote in their invitation to the event: “The idea was born during C&W this year, when we were once again reminded how lucky we are to have so many fantastic colleagues working in digital writing within a 3 hour drive of the Ypsi-Arbor area.”  The (un)keynote speakers are the authors of Because Digital Writing Matters, Danielle DeVoss, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, and Troy Hicks.  We’re thrilled that Computers and Writing 2011 played a role in generating this event.  We had so much fun organizing and hosting it, and we’re excited to help keep the energy going at EMU!

The session we’ve proposed is titled Envisioning a new digital writing/rhetoric community web space.  It’s a “do” session, which means we won’t just be sitting there talking at an audience; we’ll be asking those who attend the session to engage in some thinking and planning with us.  Here’s what we have in mind:

As part of its move to a digital publishing model, the University of Michigan Press will inaugurate a new digital writing/rhetoric imprint.  It has approached the Sweetland Center for Writing to spearhead this project, part of which would involve the creation of a digital writing/rhetoric web space for sharing scholarly and educational materials in our field.

The purpose of this session is to ask you to help us at Sweetland imagine and shape this space to best fit the needs of our community.  How can this web space complement existing spaces and fora in our field, such as TechRhet or Kairosnews, and existing publications venues, such as Parlor Press and Computers and Composition Digital Press?  What features or content would lead you to visit such a site and to participate in it?

Come prepared to brainstorm, question, and critique.  Bring along the urls of model websites you visit when you want to learn and share.  We look forward to thinking with you!

We’ll report the outcomes of the conversation in this space.  In the meantime, if you’re local, think about joining us in Ypsi in a couple weeks!

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2 Responses to “Envisioning a new digital writing/rhetoric community web space”

  1. DRC goes to WIDE-EMU 2012 — Digital Rhetoric Collaborative Says:

    [...] We’re excited at the Digital Rhetoric Collaborative to be gearing up for WIDE-EMU next weekend (Oct 20) in E. Lansing.  The input we received at last year’s unconference at EMU in Ypsi was crucial to the development of the DRC, and many of the features you see here today – from blog carnivals to resources to born digital book publication to the DRC wiki – owe their existence to these conversations.  You can read about our proposal for WIDE-EMU 2011 here. [...]

  2. Work with new DRC Fellows to build out the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative website and wiki at WIDE-EMU 2013! — Digital Rhetoric Collaborative Says:

    […] five new Graduate Fellows who are eager to help foster conversations on the DRC site. Since the WIDE-EMU conference has been a site of development for the DRC in previous years, we look forward to new ideas emerging from the 2013 WIDE-EMU (un)conference to be held on […]

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